Trip Grade is based on duration of walk, terrain, elevation and the climate. Our itineraries are designed to be feasible for everyone with sound health and enjoys being outdoors. While doing certain treks fitness and good health condition is vital. We at Bergwelt Nepal want to make sure that you have a wonderful trekking experience in Nepal, so please consider carefully while choosing your trekking holiday in Nepal.

Easy:  Easy treks involves walking in lower elevation for 5-4 hours a day. The daily ascents is not more than 250- 700 m. Anyone healthy enough to walk and who loves outdoors can handle easy treks. The path are usually well maintained  and hand full of amenities like tea houses, restaurants are there along the trekking trail.

Strenuous: Strenuous trek involves walking in higher elevation but not more than above 5550m. Trekking hours are longer someday. Some trekking days will be steep climbs and descend on rough trails, high passes and the level of oxygen in the air is also less. The facilities can vary from comfortable to very basic, while doing strenuous treks. Previous multiple days of hiking, a good attitude and physical fitness is vital for these treks.

Challenging: Challenging Trek involves walking in higher elevation and conditions can be harsh sometimes depending upon the weather . Walking over high passes, rough trails, long days upto 9-10 hours and thin air makes the trek challenging. The amenities are very basic sometimes and usually you will be sleeping on tents (billion star hotels). Physically fit, previous hiking experience and sound heath condition is vital, so please consider carefully while choosing your trekking holiday in Nepal.